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Headphone industry in the future? Talking about the concept
The author has positioned itself in a reluctance to admit that he is apple fruit powder. For apple, it is not unconditional love, but also have to admit that most of the equipment is also home to apple, iPod from the beginning to contact Apple, now use the Macbook Air and iPhone, iPad,

Apple really make our life changed even changed our habits, it is a must admit, but after a few days before Apple's iPhone6 conference, many audio enthusiasts found that Apple will have iPod Classic the most classic products under the shelf, announced the end of an era.
About Apple for the audio industry change, I also did not say, simply say iPod and iTunes Store have changed our concept to the music and audio carrier for many years. In recent years, Apple Corp has been committed to other technology products, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and so on, for the audio industry, Apple seems to have no longer concerned about and even in the state to give up.
Industry dynamics