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2016 headset industry status report analysis: mobile phone h
June 13th news, the day before the CCTV "weekly quality report" reported that "the quality of the headset survey", said a University of nearly 30% college students hearing impaired.
CCTV "weekly quality report" report, in a University of 3826 students found that the headset use rate as high as 99.8%, there have been number of noise induced hearing loss of more than 1000 people, accounting for nearly 30%.
Nearly 30% college students in a college due to the headset hearing impaired
The state quality inspection administration since 2012, risk monitoring for 4 consecutive years, the mobile phone headset sets and ancillary products were monitored, the cumulative monitoring of 86 batches of products, of which 45 batches of maximum sound pressure level exceed the standard, does not meet the rate as high as 51.2%, about half of the most high SPL headset products exceed the standard, improper use will bring headset irreversible hearing damage.
2016 headset industry status report analysis: mobile phone headset 50% failed
MP3, MP4 and other media player products monitoring of a total of 30 batches of monitoring, substandard rate of 50%; and supporting the use of computer headset products were monitored 10 times flat, the overall failure rate was 40%; the sale of individual headset products were monitored in 55 batches, the overall pass rate of 38.2%. Comprehensive analysis of the risk monitoring results for 4 years, experts believe that the overall situation of headphones and related products is not optimistic. Zhang Jian think the person in charge of national quality inspection center of electronic information technology products, headset usage rate and penetration rate are greatly improved, the risk of hearing damage is also rising, with the risk monitoring results showed that there are 5 related products into about the existence of security risks, security risks can not bring the headset and accessory products underestimated.
What kind of reason causes the earphone to be in the hearing damage aspect to have the big risk? One of the reasons and the use of the environment. If the headset will use large volume in a relatively noisy environment, so it is possible to increase the risk of hearing damage. Another reason is the lack of mandatory standards for hearing security in our country. At present, the EU has developed a strict safety standards for the ear headphones.
According to the European Union issued a survey report shows that wearing headphones to listen to music, headphones sound more than 85 dB, longer than 30 minutes, may cause temporary hearing loss. If the volume of more than 89 dB per day to listen to music, for up to an hour, 5 years, it may be permanent loss of hearing.
According to the relevant standards of the EU, if the mobile phone and other mobile audio devices to increase the volume of the security limit of the prompt function, you can play a certain role in reminding and warning. In the process of cell phone risk monitoring, engineers found that the purchase of mobile phone products from Europe have basically added a volume of tips, and from our country to buy the basic mobile phone products are not. At present, there is no such provision in our country.
We are in the life more and more rely on headset and related products, the industry appealed to the relevant departments as soon as possible to the mandatory national standard, standard product quality, but also called on relevant manufacturing industry, actively follow international standards, improve the safety performance of products.
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