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Industry dynamics
Analysis of the world's leading national headphone Market
First, the world's major countries headset market share
From the last century in 90s, "made in China" by virtue of a low cost of labor and manufacturing capacity to attract the world's headset manufacturing industry will be the production base in China, the production of low-end headphones. 2011 China headset market share reached 32.8%. Relatively, Europe and the United States will be the production of high-end headphones on their own. But in recent years the domestic economic downturn, economic growth is far below the European crisis China, further reducing people's consumer confidence, so the United States, Germany, Japan and other world-renowned brand producing countries headset market share has slipped in recent years, the market share was 13.6%, 5.3% and 7.7% respectively.
Figure 3- global headset market share, world
Headphone market share.Png
Data source: Research Inc. RespectMarketing, 2012
Two, the United States
The United States wants to stay ahead of other countries in the level of economic development and the headset technology research and development, sales in the United States and headset brands, the world's best-selling brand headset is well-known there are as many as five or six, such as Gauss (KOSS), Gerd (GRADO), Shure (SHURE), Alice (ALESSANDRO Etymotic) and (ETYMOTIC), relative to other countries more brand. The popular dynamic and moving iron unit In-Ear Earphones high-end products are almost from the United states. The United States of the headset products are similar in style, more attention to the performance of low frequency headphones and play music overall coordination, separation and other factors, more suitable for rock and metal music.
Three, Japan
At the end of last century, Japan's SONY Walkman headset, almost invincible, occupy most of the market share, while Matsushita due to the limitation of its research capacity, can only rely on some unique shape designed to attract the eye. Once the other side by side with SONY Walkman manufacturers also Aihua due to mismanagement was acquired by SONY [1]. At present in the Japanese market, the market share of the iron triangle has been far more than SONY, but in the Chinese market, iron triangle visibility is limited to the high-end market, known by many fancier. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Japanese STAX headset brand is the most famous electrostatic headset manufacturers the most influential in the world, known as the half of the HI-END brand in Japan, STAX electrostatic headset reasonable price, sound light and soft, rich and elegant beauty, with rich details.
The semiconductor supply in Japan accounted for 20% of the world, in the field of electronic components is the main producer of the world; and Hongkong, Taiwan and the mainland and South Korea Chinese many electronics manufacturers in Japan are dependent on the production of spare parts, so the earthquake in Japan in 2011 for the global electronics industry chain has great influence, but also in the headset industry. Local production and consumption downturn makes Japan headset decreased in the global share of headset.
Four, Germany
Compared with other European countries, Germany headset good market development in the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer stimulation, mainly due to its three major brands: Sennheiser headset (Sennheiser), Beyerdynamic (Beyerdynamic) and the German Gerd (MB QUART), a strong influence. In Germany the headset market, dedicated to the portable media player, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, mini ear headset occupy more than 80% market share, while the traditional headset, as the outdoor device becomes more and more common, this is due to the change of people's way of life.
Industry dynamics